Sleep Cycle

This is what people who have gotten enough sleep look like

I am not particularly an app person…

So, I have never used an app that will benefit me as a college student. So, I asked my friends and they told me about a bunch of cool apps that I could use as a college student. But there was one that caught my attention… and that is this app called Sleep Cycle.

The Sleep Cycle is an app that monitors your sleep patterns. How the app works is you set a time you want to wake up at and the app will monitor your sleep patterns throughout the night. Then it will wake you up when it feels that you are refreshed from sleep. In other words, when its time it will wake you up in your lightest sleep phase.

This seems like a beneficial app for college students to use while sleeping. It only costs a dollar which I know is manageable for a college student like myself. To get enough sleep means you feel a lot more energized for the day and that makes college students very happy. I would highly recommend this app called the Sleep Cycle!


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