Podcast Review

This podcast was sponsored by blue apron a cooking place.There was this guy that had a intro, introducing Norah Jone’s then in a separate recording it was Norah talking about her song and how it was created. Norah sold over 50 million albums. And 8 Grammy’s. She released the song “Day Breaks” in 2016 and that is what this podcast is about. I really like all the sound effects they add the instrument as they are talking about it then the sound actually play s at the same time.

Which started the song when she was jamming with organ player named Pete Ren. He was turning volume of guitar up and down and Norah liked the sound it made.  “Day breaks in your head” is the start of her song and she likes the way it sounds, likes how day breaks is two separate words not one word. Sarah Oda co produced the song and it gave her shivers when she first heard of the song.

Whenever she records with other musicians she tries to be very open. Brian Blake came  in with the drums and groove.Chris the bass play came in with a double bass sound. Norah said she used lots of chords in this song, but she usually doesn’t use that much. Pedal steel with Dan coming in, kind of like whale sounds. Then they added strings, Dave Ager put it together he is a good cello player. This song is a little high for her. But she said she liked the challenge. But she still felt that a piece was missing. She added saxophone, wrote off as they would try it but don’t think it needs it. But then when Wane Dishorder,  saxophone player, started playing she knew that was the missing piece. Out of all the songs on the record it took the longest.Then it ends with playing the song.




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