Web Design

I researched many jobs that I could be if my skills would advance in the things we learned in this class. Clayton Holdings is a Red Bell Real Estate business and they are looking for a web designer job opening. The requirements are you must of had three years of experience with web design. You … More Web Design

It’s Morning

This video is clips of what it would take for person to get ready in the morning for class or school. I recorded my own audio with my ukulele and my voice. I also came up with the lyrics myself. It took a long time to edit and make but it was well worth the … More It’s Morning

Podcast Review

This podcast was sponsored by blue apron a cooking place.There was this guy that had a intro, introducing Norah Jone’s then in a separate recording it was Norah talking about her song and how it was created. Norah sold over 50 million albums. And 8 Grammy’s. She released the song “Day Breaks” in 2016 and … More Podcast Review

Podcast Review

Evan Grant is speaking in a TEDtalk  and he is talking about “Making Sound Visible through Cymatics .” The focus of his work is on public installations and he is a creative technologist. Grant said that his passions are exploring natural and finding data especially about sound. Cymatics is process of visualizing sound by vibrating.He … More Podcast Review

Chapter 5 Question

On page 156 in the book under General Steps of Digital Audio Recording Touch-up it talks about how audio should be trimmed before applying a special affect. Then it talks about reverb, well what is reverb exactly?

Chapter Two Question

After reading through this chapter one question that I can’t seem find the answer to is on page 50. Under the heading “CIE XYZ”. It says that CIE uses virtual primaries called X, Y, Z, but that they are not physical colors. Why are X, Y, Z not physical colors?